Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Latest Update About Me.....

Wow whats new? 

Recently i made and recorded two news songs "Missing you" and "Believe In Me". I know you're curious to know what they are about so i'll tell you. The first one "Missing you" is about the good times i miss in my past relationships,it's not about a specific girl,not giving you any more details for that song,sorry, go listen and find out for yourself on Soundcloud:
Okay now let me talk about the one i Love the most now "Believe In Me". This song speaks the truth about my life. My Dream is to become a Professional Sing-j/Rapper, An Actor,Video Editor and popular Youtuber. Many people hear me talking about my dreams but they don't Believe in them,  about 80% of the people around me,including family, either don't believe in me,don't believe in me enough,don't take me and my dreamz seriously or try to fight me out, the other 20% Believes in me completely,yes that's completely true! I wish that everyone believed in me though, but i guess it's life everyone can't like you. This is the reason why i made the Song, I want people to hear a piece of my life story in it, i want the people who don't believe in me to start believing in me and the ones who believe in me already to believe in me more!
The first verse says that "Haters"dont want to see me rise,they want to see me cry,they want to see me fall and they want to see me die, thats no lie! but i won't let "Haters" stop me, i will persue my Dreams, I will live them to the fullest. When the weight of the world come crashing on my shoulders i keep pushing on because i know i'm geting closer!!! Nothing and no one will stop my Dreams from coming through, with God i will reach the top! Thats all i'll say about the song now you can listen it on soundcloud here:

What Else Is new?

Well recently i linked up with my very good Friend "Rayon Walker" and i will be in a series that he's producing next year! the name is "Ghetto Pree" so now and then i'll be traveling to Kingston to film with him, that's just the beginning though, i will be in more of his films to come, i also will be doing a song with him very soon!!! Look for greatness from me! Don't forget to "Believe in Me" My dreamz will soon become reality!
Thats the latest about me now.
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Thanks for reading :) 

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