Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Do i love Singing/Rapping and Writing Songs?

Well before i tell you why? let me tell you where my talents come from.

Where did i get the talent to sing? well i was born with it, and you could say it was passed down through my generation to me. The Robinson's are a family of singers, my mom,dad,sister and other relatives are great singers,and to be real honest, my dad's the best out of them all,from my point of view ofcourse. So yeah basically that's how i got that blessed talent. Where did the rapping talent come from,honestly i don't know,never heard any family member or relative rapping, i can tell you who inspired me to start rapping though. Have you ever watched the show "Let It Shine"? ofcourse you must have seen it,if it's even once,nobody can really live their life and not watch such a magnificently incredible show, but anyways let me get straight to the point, that is the show that changed my life. I think i just exagerated, the show was great but it's not what changed my life and inspired me to start rapping, it was actually the insanely incredible and awesome rapper who starred the show. I don't think i have to say his name, you must know who it is,am i right? or maybe you don't even know,maybe you are thinking of some one else,so let me tell you who. His name is "Tyler James Williams" A.K.A. "Everybody Hates Chris" yes tha't him and i love his rapping, after hearing him rap i had to do the same. I honestly don't know where my writing song's skills came from,maybe its from my mom,because she can write great poems and stories.
Now let me get to the part you all have been waiting for: Why do i love Singing/Rapping and Writing Songs?

 Why? is the question you ask. i'll soon answer let me tell you short story first.
My Dad's a Pastor and my Mom's a Teacher,both are christians,obviously,but anyways, growing up in church singing was a must,i'm not talking about singing with everyone in a chorus,no, infact i'm talking about the church choir, my parents knew we could sing,when i say "we" i mean me and my sis, so because we were blessed with God given talents we had to use them and honour God. We sang on the choir from a early teenage year and even when the choir was no more,because the young people slowly stop attending church, we still had to sing and represent our church at special events,we were the only persons available too because our members at times don't like traveling,you could say they love freeness and vehicles don't run on water,so it was mostly us as a family. Ofcourse we we are shy to sing on the choir,as well as to sing at a event,but we had to,so we have to brave up each time. I on the other had wasn't always shy though,infact when i was younger i used to give a special at my church on a regular basis, i loved singing and i was fearless,when did that change? well it changed when i hit the teenage years,shockijng right?yeah tha's exactly what happened. Now why do i like singing? well it's just a joy to sing,when i sing i just feel like i'm on top of the world. When i'm performing on stage at different churches the first few seconds i feel nervous,but after that everything's okay and i feel awesome, having the audience look at me and feel touched by the song, is a great feeling,the best feeling though is after when people commend me and give me compliments about my singing. That basically is why i love singing. Why i love rapping is because it seperates me from others, not everyone can rap, but when you can, everybody looks on you different. I like when somebody hears me rapping and their like "Wow you're talented" or "Wow you are awesome" or as Jamaican's would say "Yuh hawd enuh yute". Rapping is incredible. After hearing Tyler's Songs on Let It Shine i started rapping and never/will never stop.
Why i love Writing Songs is because it's a way of expressing my self. When i write songs i don't just write to make a song, i write to express my feelings, i may not or may be afraid of expressing myself in person so i put it into song,so every song is telling a story of my life, the whole song might not be,but parts of it is. At times i feel misserable,angry,anoyed or hurt and writing or listening a song i wrote and record makes me feel better. My music is like my own little world, it's the one place that no one can bother me. When i write a song don't take it for granted and joke it out, I TAKE MY MUSIC VERY SERIOUS.
Well i've answered the question and you've learned more about me,now why not subscribe to my posts and comment and share yoour view on my story. Thanks for reading

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