Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Start Of My Music Career

Well, like every famous Artist there's a story behind their Music,where the questions asked are "How?when? and Why?" Read clearly and you'll see how those questions are answered:

Let's Go, i started my Music Career in the Month of March,2011. At this point in my life i was strugling with the Stress of School(CXC exams, S.B.A. Dedlines coming up and Troublesome schoolmates), Relationship Problems and my Family so writing songs was the one thing that kept me happy and helped me to forget about my stress.But before i continue on that let's rewind a couple months, where i'll tell you apart of the story of 'My First Love', don't worry i promise you it ties in with everything. okay so we're in the month of August,2010, and it's the last night of camp,Banquet Night, i was dressed in a silky smooth suit, white jacket matched with my white pants and a orange shirt and tie, i was the most well dressed young man on that night. i was a shy non popular guy though so i had no date and few friends,however, i wasn't going to let this night be ruined because of my shyness, so i decided since i have little friends i shall join my sister's little group. The reason for doing so wasn't just because i had little friends though, it was also because a girl was in this group that i had a little crush on, her name was Stacey-Ann. So we all had fun on Banquet Night, took some pictures, ate and danced etc. etc The night ended and the morning of which we had to go home had arrived, we said our little goodbyes, i collected some numbers of the few friends i had and then we all went on our way. A few days later i decided it's time to make my move on my crush/sister's close friend(who was apparently 3 years older than me at the time and i didn't know untill lateron), i called her on the phone spoke to her about how i felt about her and as time passed we started to build a wonderful relationship together. after a couple months i fell in love with her,because she was my first love i felt like she was the one and everything is right on track..We both were in love, spoke to each other on the phone everyday,mostly because we were a couple miles apart,this was a long distance relationship. everything was totally awesome and right on track, but, for a while, the relationship started to have alot rocky times, but let's not get into that, it's another story for another time. So anyways when we fell in love my inspiration to write poems was born, i wrote a couple poems first specifically for her, then continued writng more and more until lateron in the first part of the year 2011 i wrote my first song, which was for her, entitled "My Love" solely made with the first poems i made, i sang it for her and ofcourse and she loved it. That was the start of my writing career but not my Music Career, to be specific that was when i started writing poems. Anyways we're now back at the point of the part of the story where you were so antiously waiting to hear, so here it is, months passed and that relationship came to a downfall, it became more complicated than before in this month of March, we were not talking to each other around this period and my second song "Can't Stop Loving U" was created,yes this was when my Music Career started, after writing that song i deicided it's time to write more songs and also record them,because i was like "Wow i can write songs,mad!".  I didn't have a professional recording software at this time though,infact the software i used was "Sound Recorder" yes it's the stupid software that came with Windows XP. I know you're wondering "How did he use that to record a full song" so let me tell you how, well honestly i only had 1 riddim at this time, i got it from a Rising Stars CD i got some time back,the last track was a riddim and it was what i used,so anyways what i did to record my two songs was, open the riddim in Windows Media player then first i pressed record on"Sound Recorder" then played the riddim,afterwhich i hold my mic close to the pc speaker and sang,then click stop when i'm finish and that was it ,shocking right? So after recording those songs i later decided to step it up a notch, i made a slide show video with the two songs, oh also around this time i was learning Video Editing, so yeah after i made that video i uploaded it on youtube,which i later regret doing,it's still there to this day because i lost my password for that Youtube Account. No i'm not going to tell you how to find that video! looking back i realised i was so stupid to do so. I got alot better as time passed. a few weeks after writing and Recording my third song "Respect Everybody" i decided to take a little break in Recording,Why? because i got more sensable and realised my method of recording was stupid and "Stone Aged", i didn't stop writing though, i continued writing now and then,until the year of 2013 when i got the awesome software "Audacity"and started making better and more professional  recordings. In this year i started making really awesome songs, i also learned to rap. tThis is the year in which my Music Career took of fully. The First song that i created was disregarded because i realised that it was lame, i edited the second and third ones though and record them back over more professionally.Right now i'm working on some more hard core rapping songs,please note all my songs are all clean songs, i don't write crap and i don't support slack songs. so i guess that sums it up that's how,when and why?, the start of my Music Career. it doesn't end there though there's more to come from me. Look out for my new songs coming out soon,also my first Album which will be out in December of this year, Subscibe to my Youtube Channel, Add Me on Facebook and Most importantly make your comments on my story which i just told you.

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