Monday, October 28, 2013

My Inspiration

My Inspiration Comes From.....?
Well, when asked the question,"Where does your inspiration comes from?" the first thing that i think about is what or who inspires me. I get my inspiration solely from everthing and everyone around me. Let's put them into two different categories and speak on them.
Everything Around Me:
When i say that i get my inspiration from everything around me i'm not specifically talking  for eg. to look on an object and just write a song about it, no, infact let me clarify what i mean, if i see a person being mistreated in a relationship that inspirires me to write a song about "what people do for love". If i see a couple and the love between them is unconditional, that inspires me to write a song about " the perfect girlfriend,perfect lover, true love etc." So basically everthing i see happening around me inspires me, it's like i can just feel the emotions of others and understand what they're experiencing, it's a blessing and a curse at times. The blessings part would be that you see them looking so joyful and you yourself feel joyful,the curse part now is that if you see a person looking really sad or crying and you can almost feel and understand what they're going through because you start feeling the same way instantly, yes that's exactly how i am, Shocking right? the other things around me that inspire me are Songs(whether it be Gospel,Hip Hop, R&B etc. as long as it's a clean song), videos(Funny,music etc),news, movies(Speicfically romance) and events,everthing that takes place around me. yeah i guess i can say that's it for"Everthing around me".
Everyone around me:
Now we are at the more fun part of my post,so read on.
When i say everyone around me,that should tell you alot, but, wait a minute, i don't exactlywrite songs about everyone, i mostly focus on people that i have a emotional connection with or otherwise know as people people:
I Like, Love, Rate as a Friend or Family, i could just leave it there but,no, i'm going to speak on them differently because i know you all would love that, expecially the love and like part,am i right?
I Like
This is the most interesting one of them all. Have you ever met someone and it's like, at that moment they are the only person you see,like there's a spotlight on them? yeah those are the greatest moments in my life, we all have those incredible moments. So yeah when i see or meet a girl i really like, i'm inspired to write a song about her or how i feel when i see her or when i'm around her. Please note i'm not a guy who goes around liking and running down every girl who looks cute though ,no, i'm the type of guy who looks beyond the outer beauty, i focus on the inner beauty,her personality, i look on the inner qualities that seperates her from other girls. An example of a girl i like and would write a song about is: a girl that's calm,inteligent,talented kind and considerate.Those girls inspire me to write songs the most, ofcourse i like the girls who are cute &sexy etc. etc. so no offense to you other ladies, if i was to write a song about you girls it wouldn't be that clean and i only like making clean songs, but there are times though when i do write songs about you ladies, all i do is just try and keep it clean. There are times when i meet a girl who can write songs or poems like me, and listening to their words just inspres me, sometimes they are even better at it than me but that doesn't make me jealous or grudgeful, it just pushes me to improve more on my skills. You Know the other day,not long ago, i met two girls who are so talented,one of them can write some incredible poems and the other can write some extraordinary songs. I met these girls at a youth meeting i attend on fridays, the one who can write great poems is kind of shy and had stop writing for a while but i told her she's very talented because i could see it, i only heard the first part of one of her poems and i just knew that there's more to her than meets the eyes, so i encouraged her to continue writing,and ofcourse she did. I eventually heard the rest of the poem and it was break taking,she later told me that i revived the drive she had for writing poems and i felt very happy to know that i helped her. The other girl now she's shy also and very talented when it comes to writing songs,maybe even more than me, i heard apart of one of her songs and loved it, i told her i want to do a collaberation song with her,hopefully one day i will. She told me that night while i was speaking her that she writes a new song every day and that she can write a song about anything, isn't that amazing,she also has over two hundred songs, at that moment i was shock and totally inspired to go harder. These two girls have inspired me more than they think.
I Love 
I guess from you hear those two words "I Love" you must have figured out the story behind it, so i won't be long in this part of my post. Okay, so have you ever been inlove with someone and you feel like they're the one,Mrs Right,Mr Right, Mr/Mrs Perfect? ofcourse you have, unless you are a kid or an alien or just mentally ill,i'm sorry no disrespect,but anyways yeah i've been in love more than once and the feelings i get when i am is hard to explain but it inspires me to write a good love song. You know how you just can't stop thinking about that person, everytime you hear their name you smile, yes that's the feeling i'm talking about. I write the best love songs when i'm in love,when that love ends though i write heart broken songs, yes each time i was in love i got pieces of my heart broken,but that hasn't stop me from loving again, i still continue to fall in love,but the difference each time is that,it's harder and takes a longer time for me to fall for some one. So basically when i'm in love with some one i can write great love songs.
I Rate As A Friend
What can i say,i have alot of friends but few true ones. The true ones are totally awesome, they're more than i could ask for, always there for me, they listen to me, make me laugh, yeah they're just perfect and i'm not afraid to say i love them. I even consider them as my family, because when you think about it they're there for me more than my blood family at times,they understand me more also. So yeah my totally awesome true friends inspire me to write songs about friendship and respect.
Honestly i love my family, the real ones ofcourse, not the ones who don't care about me, yes i do have family like that,i won't lie family who are inconsiderate but i won't get into that,leave that for another story. So my real family i love you guys so much, you make me laugh and you show me at times that you care for me. I could have mentioned some of my real family or friends i consider as family names but i rather not because i don't want anyone to feel left out. so basically my real family inspire me to write songs about respect,love, and true family.
That's my story about my inspiration and where it comes from. I'm now working on a song about true friends, i also wrote a song about my dad and about this girl that i really like but she's taken so we can't be together,yet, you'll hear those soon so don't worry,in the meanwhile log on to my songs page and listen the songs i uploaded. oh yeah i forgot to mention i'm working on a collaberation with my sister now which you'll soon hear, i did a collab with my Cuz JayRomeand my Brother Kenneth already so you can check out those, look out for more collaberation songs with difference artists,Coming Soon

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