Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Going on with me now.......

        Well first of all i must say things are geting better and better for me as a Sing-j/Rapper.

The likes for my Fan Page are steping up, and more and more people are listening to my songs and loving them. You know that recently some girls also told me that i have a really smooth singing voice and that i'm a good singer, i was like "aaaaw really?", but anyways,that has motivated me more, the more compliments i get pushes me to be better and better in my songs, so look for greatness from me. So far i haven't got much bad comments.

As an upcoming Artist i must say also that the road to Stardom is rough but i'm not giving up, no matter what, i've got God on my side and everything is possible with him, alot of my family and so call friends don't believe in me and my music and they don't take me serious but that's not  going to stop me, i will prove them wrong, i'm in that process now.
I'm not alone anymore still because i've formed my own team of talented people like myself, which i'll tell you about shortly, i also joined a label called "DoughGang Cashout(DGE) " it's a group that's filled with some freestylers/Rappers, upcoming artists like me, they don't limit their group to only freestylers though they also encourage persons who are "DJ,Rapper,Singer or Sing-j" to join them. You can look them up on Facebook for more info.

My Team

Okay let me tell you now about the team i formed. Actually first let me tell you something important about me. I recently became an Youtuber, yes really, i started making funny videos from seven months ago but i took a little break untill now, i'm back and ready to entertaine yall. Back to my team now, so yeah i recently formed a group because i believe that the quickest and best way to reach the top is to team up with people sharing the same or similar dreams as you. We will all help each other reach the top as a team and be seen and heard. My team consists of 2 Freestylers, 1 DJ, 2 Actors/Youtuber, 2Video editors, 2 Sing-j and 1 Internet website,blog etc genious differently from me who's Multitalented and it's not stoping there i'm still searching for more people to team up with. i call us "The Bright Future Stars " because we have a bright future ahead of us and we will become stars. On facebook i have a page called "Bright Future Stars T.V. " which is also the name of my youtube page, on that FB page you'll see videos/Songs from the persons on my team and also Videos from my Youtube Channel, so if you haven't liked the page or Subscribed, then go do that now :)
Apart from my team and my music i've made a new beat it's called "I'm Riding". I'm working on some new songs which you'll hear soon, they aren't out yet because i've been busy with the team and videos for my channel but you'll hear some soon. Also i'm sorry for not updating my blog for a while. i've schedule a time in which i'll update this and it's every other Tuesday. Thanks for reading see you later.

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